Mushroom cultivation workshops

Our mission is to educate and inspire the Comox Valley community in the art of cultivating their own mushrooms. Our mushroom cultivation workshops don’t require any prior knowledge in mycology. Groups are small (5 to 8 people) and we offer the workshops once per month during the summer season. Thus space is limited!

The best way to reserve your spot is to subscribe to our email list. We will send emails with dates when workshops will be performed. These emails may also include promo code for a discount!

How are our mushroom workshops organized?

The mushroom cultivation workshops consist of three major parts:

  1. In the morning we take time to learn about the theory behind cultivating mushrooms.
  2. We will teach you to prepare agar media on petri-dishes, grain spawn and enriched sawdust blocks. We also will explore other alternative methods such as preparation of liquid culture, rendering different agricultural waste products for cultivation.
  3. LAB work – everybody will have the chance to practice some of the fundamental skills involved in mushroom cultivation. We will teach you different mycelium transfer techniques. You will perform petri-dish to petri-dish, petri-dish to the grain spawn, and spawn to bulk substrate transfers.

What do you get at the end of the workshop?

First and most importantly – knowledge of how to grow mushrooms on your own!

In addition, everybody gets what they prepare during the workshop:

  1. One petri-dish with a mushroom culture of their choice.
  2. One master-grain spawn jar.
  3. One inoculated sawdust block.
  4. One unforgettable day of joy! 😉